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Eastern Star and Masonic Lodge

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Gleason's Order of the Eastern Star

Gleason Chapter No. 408, Order of the Eastern Star, had its beginning on December 9, 1947 when thirty-two member, who had previously been initiated by the McKenzie Chapter No. 145, O. E. S., met in the Masonic Lodge Hall at Gleason for the purpose of organizing a chapter in Gleason. At this meeting officers were elected and installed to serve the Chapter under dispensations and for the ensuing year.

Mrs. Leone Terrell and James Harold were the first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.

On March 16, 1948, Grand Chapter issues us an official Charter granting us the right and privilege to work regularly as a chartered Chapter to be known and identified as Gleason Chapter No. 408.

The Chapter now has 75 members. Mrs. Fay Hicks is Worthy Matron and Marvin Simmons is Worthy Patron (1987)


History of the Gleason Masonic Lodge #330 F. & A.M.


The City of Gleason was first named Oakwood. The original petition for the lodge was written September 5, 1866, and recommended that Brother Joseph D. McGlothlin be the first Worshipful Master; Brother A. M. Smith, Senior Warden; and Brother Issac Witt, Junior Warden. The petition was sighed by D. A. Brummitt, R. G. McSpedden, W. P. M. Bobbitt, Robert Crews, B. Taylor, William Brummitt, J. L. McGlothlin, A. M. Smith, and Issac Wott.


The Lodge was to be in Oakwood, County of Weakley, and to be named Oakwood. A dispensation was issued December 6, 1866, and the charter issued October 6, 1867, by Grand Master Joseph M. Anderson. The name of the

Lodge was changed to Gleason Lodge #330 in 1890.


For many years the Lodge met in the  Carl Parks building on the second floor, and on March 4, 1955 we moved into our present building with thirty-three members present.


Going back about eighty-one years, we find in the minutes of Gleason Lodge #330  F. & A. M. that the Lodge met on December 27, 1905 for the purpose of installing the Lodge officers for the ensuing year. The officers were as follows:


C. J. Hoggard, Worshipful Master

Ishaem Griffin, Senior Deacon

H. A. Myrick, Senior Warden

C. M Foster, Junior Deacon

C. W. Trevathan, Junior Warden

J.  F. McGlochein, Tyler

J.  C. Ammons, Secretary

P.  S. McMahon, Stewart

A. M. Dunlap, Treasurer

     O. Johnson, Stewart

Brother V. A. Trevathan installed the officers


Another interesting item from the minutes of the Lodge seventy-nine years ago, January 25, 1907, were the expenses allowed for various items. The Janitor's fees for one full year was $1.90 and rent for the Lodge Hall for one full year was $18.00.


Ward Simms #552 consolidated with Gleason #330 in 1975.


Masters of the Lodge since 1906 are as follows:

1906 - J. C. Hoggard

1907 - Isham Griffith

1908 - C. W. Trevathan

1909 - C. W. Trevathan

1910 - C. M. Foster

1911 - C. M. Foster   

1912 - C. M. Foster

1013 - A. M. Dunlap

1914 - A. M. Dunlap

1915 - C. W. Trevathan

1916 - N. C. Swearengen

1917 - M. E. Fanning

1918 - Benjamin R. Dunning

1919 - C. W. Trevathan

1920 - C. W. Trevathan

1921 - J. E. Goldsby

1922 - E. F. Collins

1923 - J. F. Vinson

1924 - T. L. Butler

1925 - E. F. Collins

1926 - A. W. Collins

1927 - E. F. Collins

1928 - E. F. Collins

1929 - E. F. Collins

1930 - E. F. Collins

1931 - E. F. Collins

1932 - E. F. Collins

1933 - J. F. Vinson

1934 - J. F. Vinson

1935 - J. F. Vinson

1936 - V.A. Radford

1937 - A. W. Carroll

1838 - V. A. Radford

1839 - V. A. Radford

1940 - L. G. Smith, M.D.

1941 - J. F. Vinson

1942 - L. V. Rodgers

1943 - L. W. Brawner

1944 - N. J. Dunning

1945 - N. J. Dunning

1946 - P. J. Rushing



1947 - Jim Dunning

1948 - Robert Henry

1949 - Finis Trentham

1950 - Allie Bowers

1851 - Harold Grissom

1852 - Harold Grissom

1953 - Marvin Dellinger

1954 - L. L. Bennett

1955 - L. V. Rodgers

1956 - Baxter Rucker

1957 - Baxter Rucker

1958 - Leonard Bynum

1959 - Finis Trentham

1960 - T. E. Poyner

1961 - L. J. Dunning

1962 - L. J. Dunning

1963 - Baxter Rucker

1964 - Billy Verdel

1965 - Dwayne Crossett

1966 - R. K. Denning

1967 - P. J. Rushing

1968 - Curtis Mayo

1969 - Mayo Gallimore

1970 - T. R. Lawrence

1971 - T. R. Lawrence

1972 - Mayo Gallimore

1973 - T. R. Lawrence

1974 - L. J. Dunning

1975 - James L. Garner

1976 - L. J. Dunning

1977 - L. J. Dunning

1978 - Joe Summers

1979 - Joe Summers

1980 - Ricky Dunning

1981 - Ricky Dunning

1982 - Glendale Garner

1983 - Marvin W. Summers

1984 - Marvin W. Summers

1985 - James L. Garner

1986 - Robert L. Tuck



[Compiled by E. L. Lemonds, Secretary Gleason Lodge #330, F. & A. M., 1986]

The history of the Gleason community provided in Oakwood-Gleason: A Look Back provides an account of Gleason's history up through the time the book was originally published. As some 20 years have now passed since its publication, Gleason Online is providing a "History Update" feature, for each section of the book, for those wishing to add important historical information relevant to the Gleason community. Contributions can be submitted via E-mail attachment by clicking on the "Website Visitor Comments" graphic, provided above.

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