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The Gleason Downtown Revitalization Initiative:

A Brief History

The Gleason Downtown Revitalization initiative had its formal beginning in 2014 with the presentation, by Gleason resident, Charles Anderson, of a formal proposal that he and a small group of other residents had developed for the Gleason Board of Mayor and Alderman. This proposal had to do with the revitalization of the downtown Gleason area as well as its two city parks, Mike Snider Park and Huggins Park, which had been infrequently used over the past several years.      

As President of the newly constituted Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee,  Mr. Anderson noted that most Gleason citizens take great pride in the Gleason community and want it to look its best. However, he noted that Gleason unfortunately hasn't kept up with the times when it comes to the downtown area, when compared to other towns in the area. He lamented the fact that, while other towns in the area are making improvements, Gleason's downtown area has moved in the opposite direction.

Mr. Anderson indicated that the focus of this committee would be sprucing up the City of Gleason in all ways possible in order to make the town a more attractive destination for visitors, and enhancing the quality of life of Gleason residents. He stated that the Committee hopes to get all citizens involved in helping turn the downtown area around and making it a more enjoyable place to visit and becoming a more attractive place for new businesses to locate. Mr. Anderson stated that the purpose of coming before the Board was not to ask the city for money but simply to obtain the support of the Board. He said that the committee hopes to use grants and individual donations to fund specific projects.

It was noted that the Revitalization Committee has been considering both short and longer improvement. Examples of areas of improvement that have already been addressed have included painting fire hydrants  and providing flower planters for the downtown area. He indicated that other things being considered include making improvements to Huggins Park, possibly obtaining flashing safety lights in school zones, painting artistic murals on walls of buildings, and perhaps, down the road, the construction of a fountain and perhaps a farmers market.

The Mayor and Aldermen expressed their excitement regarding the committee's ideas for improving the Gleason community and voted unanimously to support this new initiative.

Mission Statement

The Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee’s mission is to promote Gleason Businesses and make general improvements to downtown area and the City of Gleason Parks,  without  cost to the City of Gleason budgets. Our goal is to raise our own funds through various fund raising events throughout each year, and use those funds frugally,  while challenging businesses and citizens to donate their efforts and funds to support our revitalization efforts. We intend to honor the past and preserve all we can for future generations, and to help make Gleason a more desirable town in which to live, work, and retire and make the City of Gleason a more attractive site for the development of new businesses.  We hope that all current and former Gleason residents will support our efforts to enhance our town in various ways and, that by working together, the process will strengthen hometown pride in our town of Gleason, Tennessee.

The Mike Snider Park Memorial Wall

A way to memorialize loved ones for generations to come !


Jim Johnson


(Left to Right) Mary Margaret Beasley,  Rose Anderson, Chief of Police Jeff Hazelwood, Mayor Diane Poole, Scotty Corum,  Charles Anderson, Andy Carroll, Jacky Esch, Jim Johnson, & Lynne Shores.


After receiving approval from the Gleason Board of Mayor and Alderman to construct the long-planned Memorial Wall at Gleason's Mike Snider Park on April 14th, 2016 representatives of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee and the Gleason Rotary Club participated in a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, May 27th, 2016.

The location of this brick wall, will be near the main walkway to the park, in the vicinity of the children's play area. When completed, it will be some 80 feet in length, with brick flower boxes on each end. In the center of the wall will be a large rounded brick flower box that will feature a 40-foot tall flag pole proudly flying a  large 8' by 12' American flag.

Special sections at each end of the wall, will contain Black Granite Memorial Stones (approximately 4 x 7 inches in size) that serve to remember family members or others who have passed, to honor others who should be remembered, or those who have in one way or the other provided significant support for this very special community project. A smaller section in the middle of the wall is reserved for memorial stones of those who have served in the military.

It should be noted that some 8,000 bricks for the construction of the wall have been provided by Boral Brick Company of Gleason. The concrete for the wall was provided by Gleason Clay Company (GCC: Cheryl Lehmkuhl, Plant Manager). The actual construction of the the wall represents a joint venture involving the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee and the Gleason Rotary Club.

Laying the Foundation for the Wall

Ronnie Lawrence Operating the Tractor; Jeff Hazelwood (in hoodie)

Bobby Hoskins Operating the Excavator

Laying Concrete:  Randy Kent and Randy Stafford


The foundation for the wall was completed (with the help of Ronnie Lawrence Bobby Hoskins, Randy Kent and Randy Stafford) along with contributions of members of the Downtown Revitalization Committee and Rotary Club and a range of others who have contributed both their time, energy and skills to this endeavor.


The construction of the wall is currently underway, with skilled Gleason bricklayers Darrell Bell and David Hopper contributing their time and skills (in addition to their other work responsibilities) to finish the remaining work on the wall


Gleason Bricklayers Extraordinary

David Hopper and Darrell Bell


Foundation Completed:


 Darrell and David begin Laying Brick With Others in a Supporting Role


Done for the first day - First Section of the Wall Behind Us !

Darrell Bell, David Hopper, Charles Anderson, Jim Johnson, Jeff Hazelwood


Food and General Support Group


Memorial Wall Update - October 2016!

Darrell Bell (L) - David Hopper (R)


Memorial Wall Update - April, 9 2017


Brick Layer, Darrell Bell, placed 108 Black Memorial bricks on the area of the wall located just above the right flower box.


He also placed another 72 Memorial bricks in the area of the wall located just above the Left flower box.

Memorial Wall Update - June 20, 2017


Today, members of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization make a major push toward the completion of the Mike Snider Park Memorial Wall.


With the help of Rodney Garner and his backhoe, the flower boxes at each end of the wall were filled with dirt making it possible to begin landscaping, using plants of contrasting colors (Soft Touch Holly and Purple Queens) against a white marble rock background.



Ross Chandler, owner of Performance Steel, volunteered his time and expertise with heavy machinery to dig the very large hole necessary to hold the ground sleeve for the forty-foot flag pole that will grace the center of the wall.

Ross Chandler digging the hole for the underground sleeve that will hold the flagpole

Jim Johnson

Ross Chandler (L) and Charles Anderson (R) - Making sure the underground sleeve is level

The next step involved filling the hole containing the underground sleeve with concrete and preparing the larger foundation that will support the accompanying granite stone and plaque associated with the flag.

Gary Doster (L) and Charles Anderson (R) - Making sure the concrete is distributed where it is needed.

Gary Doster (L) & Charles Anderson (R)-making sure the concrete, surrounding the flagpole is level.


Memorial Wall Update - July 20th, 2017

Raising the Flag




Today the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee took another major step toward the completion of the Mike Snider Park Memorial Wall.


With the help of Mr. Ross Chandler (owner of Gleason-based Performance Steel) and Jennifer Chandler, along with several members of the Downtown Revitalization Committee, we put up a 40 foot flagpole and raised a beautiful 8 x 12 American flag to grace the center of the wall.


This involved unpacking the two sections of the flag pole, placing the large  gold decorative ball at the top of the pole and attaching the two sections of the pole and the ropes and other internal equipment necessary to raise and lower the flag. 


Then, using heavy machinery manned by Mr. Chandler, the bottom of the flag pole was placed in the center of the large metal underground sleeve that had been prepared during our previous work day.


Jennifer Chandler (L) - Ross Chandler (R)


Rose Anderson with the Camera


After the pole was appropriately placed, the remaining space in the underground sleeve was filled with a special type of sand, designed to both keep the pole in place and protect it.  After the pole was securely in place, the flag was raised for the first time, with the flag dedication stone being placed at the base of the flag.


Special thanks go to Mr. Chandler for this major contribution to the Memorial Wall; we could not have completed this project without his help.



Jennifer and Ross Chandler & Jim Johnson


Without skilled, caring and dedicated Gleason citizens who have voluntary contributed their time and efforts to the development of this Memorial Wall - none of the work completed to date would have been possible.


Memorial Wall Update - July 26th, 2017

Landscaping the Center Flower Box around the Flag



As was noted earlier, we have completed the initial landscaping of the flower boxes, located at the far left and far right ends of the wall.


Today we completed the landscaping of the large flower box located in the middle of the wall (containing the flag pole) using "soft touch holly" shrubs and "purple queens", with a white marble rock background.


With the flag pole now up and each of the flowerboxes having now been landscaped, remaining tasks involve placing brick caps on each of the brick posts that make up the wall and the placement of a number of previously purchased memorial bricks to fill the remaining space above the flower box on the far left side of the wall,  as well as additional memorial bricks, for those being remembered for having served in the military - which will be placed in the center section of the wall located behind the the flag. 

Memorial Wall Update - August 12, 2017:

Approaching Completion

Today our bricklayer, Darrell Bell, added a significant number of new memorial stones to the wall bringing us closer and closer to the wall's completion.

As indicated in an earlier update, all of the memorial stones for the right side of the wall (above the right flower box) had already been placed in this section (See below).


Today, all of the more recently purchased stones for the left side of the wall (above the left flower box) were added to those stones which had already been placed in this section (Pardon the reflection in this graphic).


Today, Darrell also added  all of memorial bricks, for those individuals being remembered for having served in the military. These military service memorials were placed in the center section of the wall located directly behind the the flagpole. 

At this point, the flag pole is now up with the flag proudly waving. All of the memorial bricks for both the right and left ends of the wall and the military section have now been placed. The flower boxes at each end of the wall and the center section, have been landscaped.

Remaining tasks involve completing the borders at the top of each of the three areas that contain the memorial stones and placing brick caps on each of the brick posts that make up the wall, in addition to some landscaping in the area around the wall.


Memorial Wall Update - August 28, 2017

Darrell Bell put the finishing touch on the wall on this date by completing the brick caps on each of the brick posts on the wall. Thank you Darrell for all of the work you have done on this wall !!!

Dedication Service for the Memorial Wall

Given the present stage of completion, the date for the Dedication Service for the Memorial Wall is scheduled to take place during the 2017 Tater Town Special celebration @ 4 pm on Saturday, September 2nd at Mike Snider Park.









Gleason Downtown Revitalization:

A Look Back at the First Year

 Jim Johnson

As it  has now been somewhat over a year since the work of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee was formally approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, it seems appropriate to take a look back in order to assess the accomplishment of the Committee now that 2015 has come to an end.

Here it can be noted that, under the leadership of Charles Anderson as President, a wide range of projects designed to enhance downtown Gleason and the surrounding area have been undertaken.

At the outset, it should be noted that many of the activities that the Revitalization Committee has engaged in during the past year would not have been possible without the generosity of  those Gleason residents who have supported the work of this committee  during the past year. Their generosity has included furthering revitalization efforts by making contributions at fundraisers as well as  by  volunteering their time and talents in helping make various revitalization projects a success.

Activities engaged in during the past year have been of a varied nature. Some of these have been beautification efforts, other have been restorative in nature, while other, somewhat larger efforts, have represented a combination of the two.

Examples have included providing new and more visible handicapped parking signs throughout the downtown area, the painting of fire hydrants, providing flower boxes throughout the downtown area and making major repairs to the Senior Citizens Center to deal with significant termite damage.

A major initiative during the first year has involved making a number of improvements to Huggins Park, which had previously seen very little community use during recent years.

During the past year a number of the building in the park have been painted, an old rusty chain link fence that posed safety issues has been torn down and replaced by a brand new 190 foot section of white vinyl fence - thanks to the generous donation by Imerys Ceramics.

Thanks to the hard work of Luke Hughes, along with the efforts of committee members and others, Huggins Park now has a brand new nine hole Disc Golf course which has to this point hosted three successful Disc Golf tournaments, with the most recent tournament hosting the University of Martin Disc Golf team.

Park beautification efforts have also  involved the planting of several memorial trees,  the donation of a fountain (by Charles and Rose Anderson) and planting a wide range of flower beds to enhance the look of the park.

These park-related enhancements have resulted in many more citizens of Gleason and the surrounding area coming to the park to attend a various community events hosted by the Committee. These events have included an initial Revitalization Committee fundraiser, featuring Mike Snider and his band, a Gleason Movie Night which featured family friendly entertainment along with a full-service concession stand, the Committee's  First Annual Fall Music Fest, and a Chili Supper Cook-off.

These improvements have made Huggins Park a more suitable venue for an even wider range of community events that will allow families to enjoy wholesome activities and entertainment while also spending time with friends.

Another major beautification/restoration project completed during the past year has involved the painting of the J & P Auto Care building, as well as the outbuilding adjacent to the service station.

The painting of this business related to the Committee's belief that J & P Auto Care represented one of the major landmarks of downtown Gleason, having now been in business at the corner of Cedar and Main for over half a century.

Much effort was put into completing this work project prior to the 2015 Tater Town Special to insure that visitors to Gleason during this event might see the downtown area at its best when viewed along the parade route.

An additional fund-raising project during the past year has involved developing a Community Calendar that provides the dates of important family events such as birthdays, anniversaries and the like for Gleason citizens. The proceeds from the sale of these calendars help fund downtown improvements, as do all proceeds from activities sponsored by the Revitalization committee.

Completing projects such as these is seen as important in laying the foundation for obtaining grant money to support other more costly revitalization projects.

While a major focus of the committee is on beautification and revitalization of the Gleason community, another interrelated focus is on highlighting Gleason businesses, realizing that encouraging hometown shopping by promoting home grown businesses is a boon to the local economy.

During the past year, President Charles Anderson has initiated a "Gleason Business of the Month" initiative, whereby one local business is highlighted each month through a special article focusing on that business. The article is first published on the Gleason website ( The Weakley County Press has also agreed to provide a print version of each article in their widely read newspaper.

During the past year some 10 Gleason businesses have been  highlighted in this manner. These include Gleason Superette , Jozelle's Beauty Shop, City Drug Store., Gleason Lumber & Supply Company, Floyd Greenhouses, Gleason Hardware, Eveready Auto Parts. Gleason Clinic, Steele Plant Company and the Bank of Gleason.

In terms of other items, it is also noteworthy that, during this past year, the Downtown Revitalization Program has also filed for and has been approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Tax Exempt organization. This designation makes it possible for those individuals making financial donations to the Gleason downtown revitalization effort to declare their gifts as charitable contributions when filing their income tax return.

Despite those things that the Committee has accomplished during the past year,  much more work needs to be done during the coming year (and in the future) to enhance the City of Gleason's ability to attract new businesses, to improve the economic growth of the community and make the Gleason community a  better place to live, work, raise a family and experience an improved quality of life.

It is hoped that, based on these initial accomplishments, the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee will be seen as  deserving of the generous support that it has received from the citizens of Gleason during the past year.

It is also hoped that there will be others who will join with the Committee and contribute their time and efforts in helping 2016 be an even better year in terms of enhancing the Gleason community. 

Downtown Revitalization Committee Hosts

Huggins Park - Chili Cook-Off

Jim Johnson

On Saturday, November 7th, the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee hosted its first Annual Chili Cook-Off.  With temperatures in the upper 50's and low 60's, and a mild wind blowing, the weather was perfect for eating all the great chili you could eat (for only $5), along with cornbread, a drink and a great selection of desserts. Those who came were not only treated to good food at a great price, but were also able to shop for handicrafts and buy books at a discount price at the Gleason library book sale.  Here, there was a great selection of books of all kinds and for all ages for only 25 cents each. And, everyone was treated to some great music provided by local talent from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.

Participants in the Chili Cook-Off included Not-Hig's restaurant in McKenzie, Gleason's own Andy Carroll and Chris Chadwick from Hawg County Cookers in McKenzie. It should be noted that in 2008 Chris Chadwick won the Gleason Tater Town Special Back Yard BBQ trophy for his bacon-wrapped hotdog with peppers and onions and has continued to attend and win at the Tater Town festival. Being a bit of a celebrity, he has also had the opportunity to share his expertise regarding the art of cooking on radio and the TV Discovery Channel.

The local musical talent included Gleason's own McKenna Cady, the group "Forest Drive" (from Martin, TN), Gleason's Jon and Anna Eaton and  Jim Arnold and his group "Crossroads" from Gleason.

With the cook-off winner being determined by those who had bought a ticket for the chili and who chose to vote for one of the three competitors, Andy Carroll of Gleason managed to edge out the others to win the Chili Cook-off Championship trophy. An informal survey seemed to suggest that all of the Cook-off chili was excellent.

As always, the people of Gleason were generous in coming out on a rather chilly Fall day in support of this event. With over 90 people being served throughout the day, a total of some $480 was raised to support additional Gleason Downtown Revitalization efforts.

Matt Cady - Ready to Sell Some Great Chili


Emily Bell and Brooke McClure

Mike and Carole Blassingame

Judy Paschall, Library Director - Gleason Memorial Library

Not Hig's (Tina Neil & Jerry Morgan) McKenzie, TN

Not Hig's (Tina Neil & Jerry Morgan) & Andy Carroll (Behind Tables)

McKenna Cady

McKenna Cady and Forest Drive (Cooper Gilliam; Jackson Kellyk Peyton Forrester;  Keaton  Penick (Martin, TN) 

Jon and Anna Eaton

Crossroads: (Jim Arnold; Keith Arnold; Thomas Chandler; Jeff Ellis Booths)

Matt Cady - Giving the Chili Cook-off-Award to Andy Carroll of Gleason

Chris Chadwick (Hawg County Cookers) - Andy Carroll (Gleason) - Jerry Morgan (Not Hig's)


Gleason Downtown Revitalization Program

Hosts First Annual Fall Music Fest


Jim Johnson


The Gleason Downtown Revitalization Program hosted its First Annual Fall Music Fest on September 26.

With admission being free and free tickets for drawings being being given to all in attendance, an estimated 175 Gleason citizens and visitors from the surrounding areas turned out for this event. They were all treated to some great music provided by local celebrities at  the "new and revitalized" Huggins Park.

Good food, including Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Walking Toco's, Popcorn, Candy and Drinks were also provided at the Concession Stand.

This was an evening that offered something for people of all ages. Children's activities started at 4:00 PM and featured Face Painting by Matt Cady and a "Bounce House", which the younger children seemed to really enjoy.

Hosted by MC Charles Anderson, musical entertainment started at 5:00 PM. Opening the show was Anna Eaton who sang the National Anthem. This was followed by musical selections provided by Ronnie Story, Keith Dunning, Wess Whitworth, Larry Morgan, McKenna Cady, Micah Arnold, David Hoppe and Jon and Anna Eaton.

Among the selection of songs that Anna and Jon Eaton sang to round out the evening was one very special song, which they wrote, that featured a friend of theirs - Gleason resident Billie Joe Ward.

It is noteworthy that the citizens of Gleason, once again showed their great generosity in terms of supporting Gleason revitalization efforts by making donations on the order of $800 during this event. These funds will be used to support further downtown revitalization projects.

Click Here for Music Fest Pictures


Disc golf to heat up at Huggins Park


Weakley County Press

If you’re looking to prove your disc golf prowess this weekend, Gleason has you covered.The Gleason Downtown revitalization Committee presents their Tater Town Throwdown Disc Golf Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 5 at Huggins Park in Gleason.

Disc golf is a hybrid sport between golf and Frisbee. Instead of throwing a Frisbee to another person, participants tee off to throw Frisbees into “holes,” metal-chained receptacles. Scoring is like that of golf; the objective is to get your Frisbee into each hole in as few throws as possible.

There are multiple divisions for all ages and skill levels including: Kid 8-10, Kids 11- 14, Novice 15 and up, and Open. There will be a check in at 2 p.m., player’s meeting at 2:30 p.m., and the tournament will begin at 3:00 p.m.

Proceeds from the tournament will go for course improvements. Each person that signs up will receive a custom Tater Town Throwdown golf disc (while supplies last). You may throw any discs of your choosing during the tournament. Kids play 9 holes, novices play 18 holes, and open players play 36 holes. Registration is $10 for kids, $15 for everyone else.

Food and beverages will be available at the park. There will be awards presented to the top finishers in each division.

Registration and fees can be paid the day of the event or may be mailed to: Gleason Downtown Restoration Fund, P.O. Box 125, Gleason, and TN 38229 or turned in at Gleason City Hall. Please make checks payable to: Gleason Downtown Restoration Fund. For more information, contact Luke Hughes at 931-305-9233 or Charles Anderson at 731-695-5753. Source: Weakley County Press.

Helping Enhance the Gleason Community Through Clay:

From its beginning, in June 2014, the focus of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee has been on the enhancement of downtown Gleason and the surrounding area - including both City Parks.  

During the past year the Downtown Revitalization initiative has been involved in several beautification projects that have focused specifically on downtown Gleason. These projects have included the painting of fire hydrants and planting flowers at various locations throughout the downtown area.

Perhaps the largest downtown revitalization project undertaken by members of the Revitalization Committee has been the recent  painting of  the J & P Car Care building at the corner of Cedar and Main streets. This service station has a long history going back at least to the early 1950's and represents one of downtown Gleason's most notable landmarks. This downtown enhancement effort  provides visitors entering the downtown area with  the most positive view of downtown Gleason possible.

As a result of having a successful year of funding, resulting from hosting several park events and community calendar sales, other projects have also taken shape. One such project has been an attempt to enhance Huggins Park after several years of neglect.

Here, flowers, trees, and a herb garden have been planted.  And, a Disc Golf course has been developed for all to enjoy. The Revitalization Committee has already hosted an initial disc golf tournament - which had a very good turnout.

In terms of structural modifications at the park, two lengthy sections of rusty chain link fence were recently removed which had previously posed potential safety concerns and been aesthetically unappealing.

Upon removing this section of fence it was determined that the old fence should be replaced by a new vinyl fence to separate the park area itself from the driveway and parking area adjacent to the park.

 Given the cost of this fence, we were very fortunate that Imerys Ceramics graciously volunteered to serve in the role of Corporate Supporter,  by providing the funds necessary for the purchase of the needed 190 foot section of white vinyl  fence.


This new fence for Huggins Park was formerly dedicated on Wednesday July 29, 2015, with members of  the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee and a number of representatives from Imerys Ceramics being present. 

Charles Anderson, President of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Program, receives a check in the amount of $1,500 dollars from Brent Eugley of Imerys North America Ceramics (formerly KT Clay Co.) for the new vinyl fence at Huggins Park.

Left Side: Imerys Ceramics Representatives:

Front Row: Left to Right: Kim Montgomery - Ball Clay Lab Technician; Katy Lucas (dark green shirt/brown pants) - Geologist

Back Row: Left to Right: Stacy Collins - Ball Clay Technician; Cruz Legens - Ball Clay Lab Technician; Eric Duke (white shirt) Production Supervisor; Kerry Arnold -(EHS) - Environmental Health and Safety Manager; Brent Eugley (with check) - Environmental Coordinator; James Jarrett (right side with bright yellow shirt) - Ball Clay Quality Control Manager/Product Development Coordinator.


Right Side:  Revitalization Committee Representatives:

Left to Right:  Mayor Diane Poole (behind fence) , Charles Anderson-President (receiving check),  Rose Anderson, Gary Doster, James Jarrett (Imerys Representative), Chief Jeff Hazelwood, Doris Owen-Treasurer, Jim Johnson and Matt Cady.

The entire city of Gleason would like to say Thank You to Imerys Ceramics for their very generous donation to cover  the cost of this beautiful new white vinyl fence at Huggins Park

Individual and corporate sponsor donations are greatly appreciated as we move forward into the year, and make plans for 2016.

Revitalization Committee Members at Tater Town Disc Golf Tournament


Gleason's First Disc Golf Tournament Held at Huggins Park


Jim Johnson


 As a result of a generous gift from the West Tennessee Disc Golf Club to the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Program and City of Gleason's Park and Recreation department and, with the help of Mr. Luke Hughes of Gleason, it has been possible to develop a disc golf course at Gleason's Huggins Park for use by the people of Gleason and the surrounding area.


The design and development of the course was under the direction of  Mr. Luke Hughes, of Gleason, along with Chris Dodson, Will Trimble and Kent Fothergill, all of whom are actively involved with this rapidly growing sport.


The course is open to all Gleason citizens who are interested in the sport and was set up to allow for competitive disc golf tournaments for players of all ages.


Sponsored by the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Program, Gleason's first disc golf tournament, the "TaterTown Throwdown" was held on Saturday, May 23, 2015.


Registration for the tournament began at 1:30. The registration fee was $10, which included a free disc, bearing the "TaterTown Throwdown" logo. All funds derived from this event will be used to support Gleason Downtown Revitalization efforts.


Prior to beginning the tournament, a disc golf workshop was conducted by Tournament Director Luke Hughes. This pre-tournament training session was open to all registrants and  served as an introduction to the basics of disc golf, including rules of the game, disc golf fundamentals, and an introduction to the new Huggins Park course.


The tournament itself began at 3:30 and lasted for several hours, with the 36 participants  playing varying numbers of holes, depending on their age.


The concession stand was open, serving water, soft drinks, hamburgers, cheese burgers, bologna  and various other tasty edibles.


Certificates were given for outstanding play in both the "Novice" and more "Advanced" disc golf participants.


It is hoped that this inaugural tournament will stimulate participants to come out to Huggins Park and use the facilities to develop their disc golf skills and enjoy playing the course with friends over the summer.



Tournament Registration: Only Ten Bucks

With a Free Disc Included

All Ready to Go!

Concession Stand - Open for Business


Luke Hughes Provides Pre-tournament Disc Golf Workshop

Small Group/Family Instruction

Focusing on Fundamentals

Off to the Course

Somebody Has to Keep Score

On to the Next Hole

This Group Had Spectators !

No - The Next Hole is THAT Way !

Just About Time for a Cheeseburger and Coke!



Development of Disc Golf Course at Huggins Park

As a result of a generous gift from the West Tennessee Disc Golf Club to the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Program and City of Gleason's Park and Recreation department and, with the help of Mr. Luke Hughes of Gleason, it has been possible to provide a disc golf course for use by the people of Gleason and the surrounding area. The course is located at Gleason's Huggins Park, located off of West Main Street in Gleason.

The design and development of the course was under the direction of  Mr. Luke Hughes along with Chris Dodson, Will Trimble and Kent Fothergill, all of whom are actively involved with this rapidly growing sport.

Plans are to have this course open to all Gleason citizens who are interested in the sport and to use this facility to support organized disc golf tournaments for players of all ages.

The development of this disc golf course fits nicely with other plans of the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee to enhance the existing Huggins Park so as to make it more attractive and more suitable for an increasing variety of community activities.

Current plans are to host Gleason's first disc golf tournament on the afternoon of May 23, 2015. Prior to beginning the tournament, an introduction and training session will be offered that will provide an introduction to disc golf and the Higgins Park course itself for those who are new to the game.

Gleason Downtown Revitalization Fundraiser:

     A Big - Small Town Success

 James H. Johnson


Charles Anderson, emcee, Mike Snider and Ricky Morgan

On Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, a Fundraiser, designed to support  Gleason Downtown Revitalization efforts, was held from  5 until after 8 PM at Huggins Park in Gleason.

The fundraiser was initially organized by the Gleason Downtown Revitalization Committee (Members: Charles Anderson,  Ron Arnold, Mary Margaret Beasley,  Andy Carroll,  Gary Doster, Police Chief Jeff Hazelwood, Doris Owen, and Mayor Diane Poole) and  focused  on raising funds to support initial downtown revitalization projects that can  provide the foundation for grant applications to fund larger projects.

The evening began with an opening prayer, provided by Mr. Jacky Esch and the National Anthem, wonderfully sung by Mr. Wendell Verdell.

The program consisted of gospel music, generously provided by  "Witness Southern Gospel of McKenzie, Tennessee, as well as Gleason's own Mike Snider, widely known for being a regular  on the Grand Ole Opry, as it is commonly known and referred to, and formerly a regular on the old Hee Haw television show as well as having received other honors associated with the country music industry.  Additional musical entertainment was also provided by Ricky Morgan of The Great Pretenders, Wendell Verdell and Charles Ross and family of Gleason. Each of these individuals and groups provided their services freely in support of this initiative.

Those in attendance were provided with plenty of great food, including both BBQ plates and hot dogs from  Big Daddy's BBQ, Highway 79, McKenzie, Tennessee. Soft drinks, bottled water,  as well as snow cones and desserts were also available at the concession stand.

All in attendance had the opportunity to win more than 20 door prizes, such as gift cards and a variety of other items provided by numerous donors. Numerous attendees purchased chances to win various prizes ranging from gift certificates, to bicycles, to a Winchester Repeating Arms 12 gage shotgun,  along with 5 boxes of shells and electronic noise-suppression ear muffs.

With approximately 400 total in attendance, including lots of people from Gleason and the surrounding areas, others coming from further away, and more than a dozen others who were candidates for local, and state offices, this event has to be judged as having been a huge success.

Not only did the citizens of Gleason come out in numbers to support this important event, but many also made cash donations during the evening. Others supported this initiative by simply coming to enjoy the entertainment and fellowship with friends, while enjoying the excellent food and beverages and buying  tickets for the various prizes that were offered. Numerous other individuals, groups, and businesses made significant financial contributions, or  provided  goods or  services that were significantly discounted or  given freely for this event.

Valued Supporters: Final Flight Outfitters, Union City; Big Daddy's BBQ, McKenzie; Owen Brothers, Gleason; Pepsi Cola, Paris; Jim Johnson, Huntingdon; Coca Cola, Union City; Flowers by Jan, Gleason; Aletha Jones, Gleason; Simply Southern Restaurant, Gleason; Bank of Gleason, Gleason; WCMT Radio, Martin; Salon 104, Gleason; Gleason Superette, Gleason; Jerry Chestnut, General Manager of  Boral Brick, Gleason; J&P Exxon, Gleason; J & J Restaurant, Gleason; Bryant Video, Gleason; Blossom and Blooms, Gleason; Tumbling Creek Baptist Church, Gleason;  Weakly County Electric.

It is heartening to learn that the funds derived from this Gleason Downtown Revitalization Fundraiser were in excess of $4,000. 

This figure seems to highlight both the generosity of the citizens of Gleason, as a group, and the degree to which they care for their community and want it to be all it can be!



Candidates for Local, County, and State Offices

Rose Anderson, Mayor Diana Poole, Angie Hazelwood and Doris Owen



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